Jackson Pollock, August 11, 1956

Opening this weekend at the Wapping Project in London is an exhibition of photographs byDean Rogers that show the places where nine of our cultural heroes were killed in car crashes...



James Dean, September 30, 1955

Rogers took the images on the anniversary of the deaths, at the exact time of day they occurred, and in the precise position the car was before impact. Whereas some of the final photographs are rendered atmospheric by darkness, many reveal the rather banal landscape witnessed by the subjects in the final seconds before their deaths.


Marc Bolan, September 16, 1977

The series includes the deathplaces of artists and writers including Jackson Pollock, Albert Camus and Helmut Newton, and musicians such as Marc Bolan and Eddie Cochrane. It also features perhaps the world's most famous car crash victim, Princess Diana.


Princess Diana, August 31, 1997

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